What is the work in the IT

Information technology is the use of any computer, storage, network or other physical device, infrastructure or process to create, process, store, protect and share all forms of electronic data. Typically, IT is used in the context of business operations, as opposed to those developments that people and organisations use for personal or recreational purposes. The IT sphere will require a large number of programs from each developer.

Harvard Business Review introduced the term «information technology» to distinguish between specially designed machines designed to perform a limited set of functions, and general purpose computing machines, which can be programmed to perform various tasks. As the IT industry has evolved since the middle of the last century, many computing capabilities have improved and the cost of devices and energy consumption have become much less than in the past. This is how that cycle looks like today too, even with the advent of new technologies and business mechanics.

Some components of IT

The IT team of any organisation controls how each system, program, and network functions and interacts between each other. The IT team deals with three main fields, such as:

  • planning and maintenance of the business program, as well as maintenance of the company’s service and infrastructure (including servers, networks, storage);
  • monitoring and regulation of the business program, as well as the service and infrastructure of the company;
  • control the security and operation of the business program, as well as the service and infrastructure of the company.
Windows programs

Most IT professionals have different responsibilities in a team that are classified into several key fields, such as:

  1. Administration. Administrators manage the day-to-day deployment, operation and monitoring of the IT field, including systems, networks and applications. Administrators often perform some other responsibilities such as software update, user training, software licence management, procurement, security, data management, and business compliance monitoring processes and compliance.
  2. Support Service. The support team specialises in answering questions, gathering information and providing guidance on hardware and software troubleshooting. IT support often involves managing IT assets and changes, assisting administrators in purchasing, backing up and recovering data and applications, monitoring and analysing logs and other performance monitoring tools, as well as adherence to established business and support processes.
  3. The set of programs within the company. Enterprises can not operate without special software. They can buy some software from other companies, including their detailed plan. However, many modern businesses contain several skilled developers who create applications and interfaces, such as APIs, needed to provide critical business functions and services. Applications can be encoded in a wide range of popular languages and integrated with other applications to ensure smooth and seamless interaction between different applications. Developers can also be tasked with creating interactive business sites and mobile apps. The trend towards a flexible or continuous development paradigm requires developers to become increasingly involved in IT operations such as application deployment and monitoring.
  4. Compliance to current rules. There are some rules that require adequate functioning of the local system of each enterprise. IT employees provide complete security and monitoring of access to business data and applications to ensure that such resources are used in accordance with established business management policies. In turn, it complies with regulatory requirements. Such officers are involved in security tasks and work with legal and business groups to prevent, detect, investigate and report possible violations. They do so on a regular basis and are indispensable in this area of activity.

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