Information technology in tourism: how to make travel convenient

Information technology in tourism: how to make travel convenient

Modern information technologies in tourism play an important role. Many are already accustomed to online booking of tickets, accessible and convenient sites with attractions and hot tours.

Application of information technology in tourism

All the benefits can be divided into several categories, and each has a number of convenient programs that you can use.


Videos and photographs about countries, hotels, tours and additional services are combined into convenient catalogs. Clients of travel agencies can view information on route planning and receive colorful reminders for collecting the necessary documents and rules of conduct.

In the lockdown mode, virtual tours have also become popular, in which you can view panoramas of museums and exhibitions in real time. This service can be useful even before a real trip, for example, if you want to study the interior of the hotel or the state of the beaches. You can embed audio comments in different languages.

There are three popular programs that are used around the world:

  • Flight Guide,
  • Air Travel Planner,
  • Hotel Guide.

Making electronic payments

New information technologies in tourism make it possible to make purchases online. It is enough to have access to the Internet and use any virtual payment system. Therefore, companies that introduce such a function are expanding their client base. It is much easier to arrange a tour and pay for it at home and does not require additional time to come to the company. Online tickets are much more convenient to store, they are almost impossible to lose if you have access to your email. And for reliability, one copy can be printed.

Why customers love the ability to pay online:

  • you can compare prices on the website of different companies and choose the most profitable tour,
  • no need to come to pay to the travel agency,
  • sometimes there are discounts for paying online in advance.

Booking hotels and tours

The main thing that information technologies of tourism management allow is online booking. This allows you to choose the hotel you like and book a room while in another country. This way you can be sure that you have planned your vacation and know how to get to your destination.

Popular programs from travel agencies for online booking:

  • Amadeus,
  • Worldspan,
  • Saber,
  • Sirena-Travel,
  • Galileo.

In the tourism business, there is a very high competition for customers, so the use of information technology opportunities is widespread. This increases the comfort of using the service and makes recreation more accessible. 

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