Sports and computer technology

Sports and computer technology

Scientific and technological progress in our time is characterized by a very fast pace, which is due to the high level of infocommunication technologies. Information technology is a set of tools and methods combined into a single process for collecting, storing, processing and displaying information.

Computerization has made it possible to use modern information technologies in sports, so now more and more teachers and students of sports universities, coaches, athletes and correspondents use them to optimize their activities.

The use of information technology in sports

  • Training – teaching materials presented in the format of flowcharts, animations, photos and videos are perfect for improving the qualifications of teachers and trainers, and all kinds of equipment will make it possible to teach students both in large groups and individually;
  • Quality control of results – IT-technologies allow to give a quick and accurate assessment of an athlete’s performance;
  • Processing and storing information – for example, during the Olympic Games, a database is needed to store information and a database management system capable of analyzing many indicators and quickly delivering a result;
  • Coverage of events, advertising and propaganda – a special group of information technologies has been created, which creates programs, websites, live broadcasts, etc.;

Pros of using information technology in sports:

  • Save time
  • Improving teaching efficiency
  • Distance learning opportunity
  • User’s appeal to large amounts of information
  • Wide audience coverage
  • Accuracy of measurements
  • Simplification of working with information

As a result, IT-technologies carry many advantages, namely accuracy, reliability, efficiency, convenience and the possibility of widespread use for solving the assigned tasks. 

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