How information technology will develop

How information technology will develop

Today, the direction of information technology is dynamically developing. The reason for this is the global computerization of society. It is impossible to solve social, economic, management problems without the use of IT. Their role is strategically important. The outlook for the information technology industry is discussed below.

Factors that affect IT

Promising sectors of information technology development depend on:

  1. Training of IT specialists. It must comply with international standards.
  2. From a proportional level of access to information.
  3. From computer, telecommunications and software. They must meet international standards.

Prospects for the development of information technology

The main prospects for the use of information technology:

  1. The demand for specialized functional equipment (data storages, server stations) will increase.
  2. The smartphone and tablet manufacturing segment will increase.
  3. Desktop PC manufacturing will disappear. It will remain in countries with a low level of technological development.
  4. The production volume of notebooks will remain unchanged.
  5. There is a tendency towards a decrease in the size of products.
  6. The volume of developed software will grow, without which it will be impossible to take advantage of technical innovations.
  7. Large-scale work is underway in the field of storing and processing a large amount of information.

The sphere of mobile development will become widespread. New networks of the fourth generation will appear.

In addition, social networks will become widespread and will be introduced into corporate business.

There are three main promising areas of information technology development:

  1. Machine learning: data analysis is in demand in finance, marketing, HR. There are more and more applications that need to be processed.
  2. Mobile development. The number of mobile Internet users exceeds the number of wired Internet users. Mobile app developers are in high demand in the labor market.
  3. Cloud technologies. Soon, every third post will be associated with the clouds.

Information technology development processes are in a phase of rapid growth. This is due to the emergence of new information transfer formats that require high processing speed. 

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