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Uzbekistan and Japan conclude a number of agreements in the sphere of information technologies

A highly anticipated business forum was recently held in Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, bringing together high-level representatives from Uzbekistan and Japan. This exclusive event served as a platform for these two nations to discuss and explore exciting opportunities for collaboration, particularly in the rapidly evolving field of information technologies. It demonstrated active IT sphere development due to the policy of the president of Uzbekistan and other important persons.


During the forum, esteemed representatives from the Ministry of Digitization engaged in fruitful and constructive meetings with renowned companies and prestigious universities from Japan. These meetings focused on crucial matters such as educating talented Uzbek students in IT universities in Japan, aiming to broaden their horizons and enhance their future employment prospects.

In a significant and promising development, the Ministry of Digitization and their esteemed Japanese counterparts signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding. This influential document outlines the joint efforts and unwavering commitment of both nations towards the development of IT education in Uzbekistan, as well as ensuring ample employment opportunities for graduates in relevant fields in Japan.

The Memorandum of Understanding was also endorsed by the Ministry of Digital Development, Japan Digital University, and Digital Knowledge company, further solidifying the collaborative spirit and shared vision of progress.

Furthermore, as a testament to the forward-thinking approach of both countries, the ministry and the Center for International Cooperation in Informatization reached an important agreement to establish a dedicated joint committee. This committee, comprising experts and professionals from both nations, will play a vital and instrumental role in attracting leading Japanese IT companies to Uzbekistan, fostering meaningful exchange programs, and facilitating the invaluable sharing of experiences and knowledge in the digital sphere.

business forum
Business forum

This highly successful business forum marks an exciting milestone in the burgeoning relationship between Uzbekistan and Japan. It opens up new avenues for cooperation and paves the way for remarkable technological advancements in both countries. As these two nations continue to deepen their ties and embrace the transformative power of information technologies, the future holds immense promise for further progress and prosperity. The collaborative efforts and shared commitment showcased during this forum will propel both nations toward a brighter and technologically advanced future.

In conclusion, the pioneering agreements between Uzbekistan and Japan signify a groundbreaking chapter for both countries, especially within the burgeoning information technology sector. These nations have demonstrated an exemplary model of international cooperation by establishing strategic partnerships, affirming commitments to IT education, and ensuring the flow of expertise and resources.

The success of this business forum not only highlights the immense potential of cross-border partnerships but underscores the role of digitization as a cornerstone for socio-economic development. Embracing their shared vision, Uzbekistan and Japan are poised to carve a path toward an innovative, interconnected, and buoyant future with opportunities for current and future generations.