In-demand IT professions in 2021

In-demand IT professions in 2021

The modern world cannot be imagined without the use of computers. That is why in the 21st century, an IT specialist is the most demanded. We will tell you which professions in the field of information technology are popular in 2021.

Popular professions in IT

  • The list of current IT directions in 2021:
  • System administrators. Specialists should know how to: remotely connect to computers; be responsible for using the server and PC software of the organization.
  • CAD programmers (computer-aided design system) and website developers.
  • Manager or manager of an Internet site based on an already created site. The team, in addition to the project manager, includes: administrator, moderator, content editor / proofreader.
  • SEO specialists. They optimize sites for their promotion and rise to the TOP.
  • Testers are specialists who check the created IT products for bugs and errors. They test software (SW) developed for companies (transport, manufacturing, communications, etc.).
  • Information security specialists. Today they are needed in all government agencies, banks, and enterprises. Such a profession will be in demand everywhere – with the skills of an IT specialist in information security, you can find a place in any city for decent money.

How to choose an IT direction

If you do not know what kind of profession in the field of information technology you want to get, then first carefully study the job market. Choose what you like best, what you have the ability.

Do you prefer to work with a ready-made IT product? Then the profession of a tester is for you. If you are interested in creating new programs, then you can become a developer. To do this, you need to master a popular and demanded programming language, for example, Python, C or Java. 

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