The Translation Earbuds

Timekettle WT2 Edge is a device for free communication without knowledge of a foreign language in the form of the world’s first earbuds that utilize the achievements of antecedent technological developments.

The WT2 Plus system records audio streams, performs translation, and broadcasts it to interlocutors.

Wearing the world’s first translation earbuds, a person can:

  • understand the interlocutor’s speech;
  • maintain a dialogue.

Note: for proper translation of your voice, you can provide a second earphone to the interlocutor or play the translated speech through a smartphone speaker.

The device supports online translation with the following features:

  • with low latency;
  • from 40 languages and 93 dialects;
  • with 190 translation language pairs;
  • on 15 services around the world

The translation accuracy is 95%.

In offline mode, WT2 Edge can support 7 widely spoken world’s languages.

The earbuds make use of the following online translation services:

  • Microsoft;
  • Google;
  • DeepL;
  • iFlytek;
  • AmiVoice;
  • Hoya;
  • Timekettle.

The new earbuds will be useful for participants of international conferences, online translation, language learning, studying in educational institutions abroad, translating the vocabulary of “difficult” languages, accents, lyrics, etc.