Information technologies and their types

Information technologies and their types

What does the concept of information technology mean? Information technologies are processes that allow you to store, transfer, search, process and distribute any information. Such methods produce material with the help of which a person can get answers in the area he needs. Information is obtained using technical devices and computers by any methods of material transfer.

The main types of information technology.

What information technologies are there? There are several types of information technology.

  1. IT Data processing is used to solve a problem for which the algorithms are well-known and simple. This is used by employees of organizations where operations are constantly repeated. This increases the productivity of workers, as it reduces the time spent on the task at times. It involves: collecting, processing, storing data and creating reports.
  2. IT management is needed to quickly solve management problems. Information mainly comes in the form of reports on the past, present and future. It helps to control and regulate reporting and scheduling. Here the main components are: input and output information, database.
  3. IT automated office involves the implementation of communication processes in the organization and in the external environment. The view helps to cope with the increasing volume of work. Main components: database, word and spreadsheet processor, e-mail and audio mail, electronic calendar, computer conferences, TV-video-audio conferences, video text, image storage, facsimile communication.
  4. IT decision support – the method by which tasks are carried out as a result of an iterative process. The person himself sets the data and evaluates the result produced. For decision making, completely new information is created. Used here: database and models, models.
  5. IT expert systems are based on artificial intelligence. These systems have accumulated skills that can help resolve the issue when it becomes necessary. Knowledge is immersed in the memory of an expert, and then begins to be used. Main components: user interface, knowledge base, interpreter, system creation module.
  6. Information and reference methods:
  • active, which give information to a person at a certain time.
  • passive, who supply information upon request.

It was presented what information technologies exist. Information technologies and their types are needed in the modern world to perform various functions and simplify people’s lives.

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