Free Android Apps Site: An Overview

Most people are used to downloading apps directly from Google Play. But a more convenient and simple option exists — to search and download mobile software from special sites. Those who are interested in downloading free software will appreciate this opportunity.

On Google Play, many developers deliberately hide information about in-app purchases. Otherwise, its functionality will be either unavailable or so scarce that the user will soon delete the app. That being said, the Play Store doesn’t offer any sorting options to highlight only free apps. Third-party websites are more honest because you can download APK free and at no cost. This applies both to the download process and in-app features.

Differences Between a Mobile Website and Google Play

At first glance, there are no significant differences. But after using the site for some time, where various free software is laid out, you quickly realize that it is way convenient. It is rather difficult to recite all of them since we are talking about small details. All of them play an important role and force people to abandon Google Play whenever possible.

The obvious differences include:

  • More categories, so it is easier to search for the programs you need because they are divided into the most relevant sections;
  • More applications, because there are no strict and sometimes absurd Google restrictions.

General View of the Website

In general, such sites look good both on a computer or a smartphone. At the top is a smart search bar and a button to navigate to the app category. The language switcher is placed to the right.

navigation app download

A block with new applications is placed at the center, where 12 new arrivals are displayed. To the right of it is a smaller block where the three best mobile apps are shown.

Below there are two more sections:

  • Popular utilities that have received high ratings from users and now are most downloaded.
  • Programs that gain popularity and show significant rating dynamics.

At the very bottom of the site, there is a four-column list of the main categories. The total number of them is 40 versus 25 for Google Play.