AI Dungeon 2 – RPG created entirely by AI

Nowadays, creating video games is primarily complex and detailed work that takes considerable time. However, the game industry still needs to stand. Every year, more and more new technologies greatly facilitate and simplify the work in various aspects — for example, a recent feature introduced by Nvidia (ray tracing).

We have long been used to the fact that there are such innovations, but what about the fact that the game could consist entirely of such features, and the developer did not have to do precisely anything? That’s a reality. It’s the artificial intelligence we all know. Of course, you can’t just tell the AI to design a game and expect it to be perfect.

And it’s unlikely that the AI will ever be able to do something like that. But that’s if we’re talking about global AAA projects, and if it’s about something more straightforward, it is entirely possible. A prime example is AI Dungeon 2. For it, enthusiasts have created such artificial intelligence, which constantly generates a variety of game scenarios.

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What’s so special about AI Dungeon 2?

AI Dungeon 2 was developed by Nick Walton. He is a somewhat experienced developer who suddenly wanted to make something straightforward and at the same time technological and exciting. In his work, he used the full power of the modern random text generation system, which was open source and created through OpenAI.

AI Dungeon 2

To satisfy players, Nick trained this AI long enough by letting it read various fantasy novels, telling it the plots of movies, games, etc. Some of the lines Walton even spelled out himself. As a result, AI Dungeon 2 is a very unusual, long, and individual adventure, which can give a lot of impressions to the player.

AI Dungeon 2 can be played by everyone, which can be done directly through the browser. To do this, type the title in Google and then go to the first link that appears. Before you start the game, you have to make a basic browser setting and select some conditions of your game world.


We can’t gloss over one single, but still quite an unpleasant problem with AI Dungeon 2. The fact is that everything in the game is generated by artificial intelligence, and that’s why it’s scarce to find well-described characters in the game. Most of them are okay but be prepared that sometimes you will come across simply absurd and illogical ones.

Also, AI Dungeon 2 can be stupid sometimes. Seriously. The local AI needs to remember what items the player had with him. It also happens that it prevents using the items in the inventory.

For example, in one of the matches, it can happen that you’ll play as a knight with a sword, but when a goblins horde attacks you, suddenly you won’t have a sword for some reason, but a tiny blade, so you won’t be able to resist them. However, if we abstract away from that, AI Dungeon 2 is an audacious and original project that every RPG fan, especially text-based ones, will appreciate.

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