New Augmented-Reality Models

Google is once again updating 3D models in its Augmented Reality (AR) app. Several new characters from Japanese pop culture will now be available to users.

The model collection was expanded by 14 items and now features a series of iconic characters from anime movies and other pop culture sources. First of all, these are such famous characters as Hello Kitty, Pac-Man, the giant Gundam, Ultraman, etc.

To launch the application, it will be enough to access the Google website from your Android device, enter the character’s name in the search bar, and click “View in 3D.”

The images can be rotated, magnified, or zoomed in to get a better view of small elements. Some characters have peculiar sound effects.

Please note that you can run this app only on Android 7.0 or higher and a device with the ARCore installed. As for Apple devices, iOS 11.0 will be enough.