A New Gadget Recharghing Thanks to the Body Temperature

The ordinary way of charging gadgets is still actual, but the world is moving on. There are cases when the battery is discharged at the most inopportune moment, and there is no time to recharge. That is why the alternative ways come to the fore.

The experimenters of the University of Colorado Boulder have demonstrated excellence in research by creating an unusual charger that makes use of a person’s body temperature. According to the authoritative information website SciTechDaily, the gadget will be worn on a finger or wrist. During contact with the skin, it will be possible to apply thermoelectric generators, and the body temperature will be converted into electricity.

1W × 6, 451 cm² of the skin surface — that’s the current electricity generation capacity of the developed electronic device. Jianliang Xiao, the head of the research group from Boulder, believes that the gadgets of the future will gradually abandon the use of charging batteries.